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Tailored, taut and tuned in for laughter!

A warm welcome to Johnny’s website.

Most people can stand up and speak after dinner. Few do so, however, with keen intelligence, taut material and sharply topical humour. And even fewer with tailored laughter, cut precisely for the particular professionals in the room.

Johnny Dexter does.

Which is why as an after dinner speaker, he’s in demand. High demand. From companies and clubs to practices and partnerships, seeking an after dinner speaker with genuine warmth and original wit. Of course, Johnny’s not a celebrity but actually, that counts for little: because the truth is, the celebrity after dinner speaker so often disappoints – the best seller’s best sold, the captain of industry has another bored room and the sporting titan’s a speaking Titanic!

Johnny Dexter’s different.

With commercial insights, political intuition and tailored material, Johnny makes business people laugh out loud. No more. But no less. And he’ll be delighted to do so for you.

“People say that to be a successful after dinner speaker, you have to have a thick skin. But I’m very busy and I haven’t. In fact, I think I’m really sensitive to my clients and audiences. I want them to be very amused and pleased with my contribution and I’m only happy when I know that’s happened.” Johnny.

I have booked many after dinner speakers over the years and seen many more. In my view, Johnny is one of the very best. He’s very funny and appeals to everyone in the room. A class act!

Melanie Grocott

Managing Editor, Delia Online

When Johnny stands up, people listen and people laugh! I know that my friends and colleagues find him very entertaining – he’s always very good value and I enjoy dealing with him.

David Leonard

President, AMEC Construction Management Inc.

“It was the company’s global sales conference in Las Vegas; 120 of the best recruitment consultants gathered from all over the world, a very demanding audience! As the CEO, I wanted a really strong and memorable conclusion – so I asked Johnny to speak at the closing dinner. Having used him many times before, he really nailed it as expected. The room was rocking with laughter, culminating in a standing ovation . . . for him, not me! Johnny is without doubt the funniest speaker I’ve come across in more than three decades in business.”

Graham Palfery-Smith

Board Adviser/NXD/Ex-Global CEO